I have chosen you!

Bible Verse: “On that day, declares the Lord Almighty, I will take you, my servant Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, declares the Lord, and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you declares the Lord Almighty.”  Haggai 2:23

Song: Francesca Battistelli – Holy Spirit (Official Audio)

By clicking the above song title, you will be directed to a video of our worship song for today.  Hope you enjoy this song selected specifically to go along with our devotion!

flood this place

Here is my summary of Haggai 2 –

Be Strong (Vs 4) – The Lord says to the people – “who saw the house in it’s former glory?  How does it look now?  Does it not seem to you like nothing?”  Can’t you just hear the exasperation in the Lord’s voice?  They are still not putting in the real effort required to rebuild the Lord’s temple.  God is reminding them that He has promised to bless their work and telling them to BE STRONG!  He is reminding them of His promise to them.

Do not be afraid, My spirit remains among you (Vs 5) – These are God’s chosen people, they were led out of captivity to the promise land.  He kept His promise to them, to never leave them.  He reminds them of the covenant made to them when they left Egypt and told them not to fear now.

Your future is greater than your past (Vs 9) – God tells them that the silver is His, the gold is His and that the new house will be greater than the former house.  He tells them that in the new place – He will grant peace.

Give careful thought (Vs 15) – Haggai receives yet another word from the Lord.  The word of the Lord talks about holiness.  He tells the people that holiness will not rub off onto others, but contamination will.  It is not the work that makes one holy and cleans them from their sin.  That it is repentance and obedience that cleanses them from their sins.   It is the whole work without faith thing!  These people have always worked, but where is their heart? Who is first in their heart?

From this day on I will bless you! (Vs 19) -The people got back on track, their hearts became right with the Lord, they became repentant and obedient.  After re-laying the foundation of the new temple, the blessing began to fall upon them.  How exciting!  God is eager to bless us and does so with our first true efforts.

I have chosen you! (Vs 23) – At the end of all this the Lord says to Zerubbabel, “I will make you like my signet ring for I have chosen you.”  Zerubbabel was obedient to the Lord in getting the temple rebuilt.  We know that our God is just, that sin carries consequences, but we also know that our God is merciful and blesses those who obey Him.  When we are obedient to the Lord, we too can experience the blessing of being chosen and being like God’s signet ring.

As I talked about last week, I am rebuilding the temple of the Lord, my body is in ruins and this is where the Holy Spirit lives.  Good news, He does not move out during construction!  It makes me think of the signs you see on businesses that are remodeling “OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION”.

I have chosen the song “Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli again this week because it is going to be my theme song for this season of my life.  My battle cry is going to be a line from this beautiful song – “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.”

I recently had a battle, a struggle with my health that took me to the emergency room and lead to an emergency surgery.  As I struggle with my weight and the complications it is causing my body to endure, I must cling to the truths of His word.

I will be strong, remain fearless in recognizing that His spirit remains within me, comprehending that my future is greater than my past, being careful in my thoughts, grasping the fact that God will bless my first efforts and finally, appreciate that I have been chosen.

The good news is that the battle was anticipated.  Armed with the Word of God in my heart and my mind renewed by His truths, the battle was won.  There is beauty in the battlefields my friends.  I will write more on this in the future, but know that God’s has increased my endurance, made me braver than before, allowed me to connect with Him at a deeper level thru my tears and sorrow and knowing that God did not leave my suffering without purpose.  I cannot wait to dive into this deeper with my Redeemer!


“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  Exodus 14:14

My dear friends, I am so glad to be back writing my devotions to my God and blessed that He has entrusted this ministry to me.  If any of you ever need a listening ear, a prayer of hope, a voice of encouragement, please know that I am here for you and happy to partner with each of you in your battles.

Lastly, I leave you with this prayer

Heavenly Father, hallow be Your name upon my lips as I call upon You in my time of trouble. May I glorify You in my thoughts, words and deeds. Might I live a life that will worship You in all Your ways.  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest!  Amen

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  1. Thank you LuLu! This spoke to my heart this morning. I love the point that God is ready to bless us with our first true efforts and that we can rejoice in simply being chosen. You give a great summary and application points! Love you!

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