The Hebrews 11 – 5K Faith Walk

Bible Verse: “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him” Hebrews 11:6

 Song:  Run the Race —  by Holly Starr

By clicking the above song title, you will be directed to a video of our worship song for today.  I hope you enjoy this song selected specifically to go along with our devotion!

“Don’t run with scissors.” If you know me, you know that those first two words are not necessary.

I have many hobbies, I love to read, I love to write, and I love to quilt.  I do not however enjoy races or competition of any kind.

“If you see me running, call 911, it is a safe bet I am being chased by bad people”

However, training for my Faith Walk is something I do daily.  I spend time in the Word, I pray, and I worship.  I am intentional about building my obedience muscles of faith.

I feel like I am often in a 5K race of faith, whether it is the loss of a job, an illness or a relationship issue, I seem to be in these races often. I don’t think that I am alone in saying that it is in these times of trouble, that I most earnestly seek God.

So, now let’s imagine for a minute what the starting line would look like at the Hebrews 11 – 5K Faith walk.  Here are our registered participants from the “Ancient” age category:

#44 Able (Ge. 4:4)\

#521 Enoch (Ge. 5:21)

#613 Noah (Ge.6:13)

#127 Abraham (Ge. 1:27)

#212 Sarah (Ge. 21:2)

#502 Joseph (Ge. 50:24)

#210 Moses (Ex.2:10)

#219 Rahab (Jos. 2:1,9)

These giants of faith all had a different story and different circumstances.  What they did have in common however, was an uncommon, winning faith.

By faith Able brings God an offering that is pleasing.  By faith Enoch was taken from earth without dying.  By faith Noah built a boat while his contemporaries laughed at him.  By faith Abraham made a home in a foreign land.  By faith Sarah had children at a very old age.  By faith Moses parents hid him for three months to save his life.  By faith Rahab welcomed spies into her home.

In Hebrews 11:1 it says that faith is having confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we cannot see.  It goes on to say that this is what the Ancients were commended for.  These are our forerunners, our examples, our mentors of faith.

Our Ancient’s took steps to act without knowing, seeing or understanding all their circumstances, they were flying blind.

The invisible is what assures us that we are walking or running in the right race.  Faith is about trusting a God that is unseen with the human eye.  It is about running blind and not being afraid.

So, what do we win in our 5K Faith Race?  It’s right there in verse 6 – “he rewards those who earnestly seek him”

Beth Moore says, “Your walk in the fleeting “here and now” has colossal influence over His reward in your “there and forever.””

How do your present challenges “look” to you right now?  What steps are you being asked to take without knowing, seeing or understanding all your circumstances?  Will you proceed?

Heavenly Father, it is with a confident heart that I have hope for a future where everything works out according to your plans.  It is with the assurance that comes from faith that I am in the race to win.  Your eternal reward is my comfort in finishing the race well and my encouragement for bringing my fellow race participants along with me to the finish line.  Lord, hear my prayers.  Amen

faith walk

Note:  The pictures of the beautiful runner are of my sister, Amy.  She is an inspiration to me in so many ways.  Her tenacity for life shows in everything she does.  Her consistent walk of faith is a beautiful gift that she shares freely with everyone in her life.  Her elegant words of encouragement are breathed in her very being and her love for our Lord and Savior are evident in her smile.  Thanks Amy for being such a good friend and sister!

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