Fervent Chapter 4 – Your Family

If I were your enemy, I would take your family out behind your back, you would never know what has hit you until it is too late.  I would make your family the laughing stock of the neighborhood, I would make you look no different than anyone else, I would hide your disintegration in plain sight.

If you are reading this and afraid that it is too late for you and your family, you believe a lie of the enemy.  God is here, right now, at this moment and He is telling you to wake up, to rise again and walk with Him to the place of redemption.

God will ALWAYS be more significant than our enemy.  God will always win the war.  It is time to make a deliberate decision to stop fighting with your mate. To make time to connect with your children.  To forgive the inexcusable actions of those that hurt you.  Too much is at stake, it is a big deal.

Do you know what the primary purpose of your marriage is?  It is not for companionship, it is not to procreate, it is not to fulfill your fairy tale life.  No, it is to represent the relationship we have with God.  Dr. Dwight Pentecost says “that marriage was instituted by God to be an object lesson to the world of the relationship of a believer to Himself.  Each of you will play a significant role in living out this lesson.”

There is an enemy outside right now that is hanging around waiting to blend in with your family, to sit on the couch next to your son and connect with him on social media to distract him from knowing his real worth.

There is an enemy outside right now watching for you to send your husband out the door feeling unloved and disrespected so he can introduce him to a girl named mistress.

There is an enemy outside right now waiting to sucker punch you right in the throat by showing you a reel in your head of what he has been doing behind your back.

BUT GOD IS BIGGER!  IT IS NOT TOO LATE.  It’s time to assume a new fighting position (Fervent p85) Let’s put our knees to the floor and our eyes to heaven and do the work of effective, fervent prayer to attack the enemy.

Heavenly Father I rise to the call of Fervent prayer for my family.  Forgive me for my lax position on this subject and help me, help me a lot, to commit to this calling of the battle for my family.  I say right now, in the name of the Jesus, my family is the property of the Kingdom of Heaven, and I ask for your full-on protection of each of us.   I pray that I would be a submissive, loving, soft and kind wife to Richard.  That he would know your love through me EVERY morning as he walks out of our home.  I pray for my children that they would know their worth and have a sense of purpose on this earth and a forever love affair with You before any and all other temptations.  I pray for your protection over me as I battle for my family.  I won’t fear sudden danger or the ruin of the wicked when it comes, for the Lord will be my confidence and will keep my foot from the snare. (Proverbs 3:25-26 HCSB).  In the name of my Protector and Defender, I pray.  Amen

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash